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SSN Creatine Monohydrate

SSN Creatine Monohydrate

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Creatine Monohydrate is considered the most effective performance nutrition supplement ever discovered.

Scientific support along with real world evidence has quickly led to Creatine becoming the most popular sports nutrition supplement in the world and its use has become common practice amongst professional, elite and amateur athletes as well as weekend warriors as an effective ergogenic aid to enhance exercise performance.

Clinical research clearly demonstrates creatine to be a highly effective ergogenic aid - increasing strength, power and lean body mass. Creatine supplementation is of particular benefit in high-intensity activities, where it increases power and strength as well as muscle recovery primarily as a result of the important role that it plays in the generation of intra-muscular energy during muscular contraction.

Our bodies make this performance-enhancing compound naturally and it is present in many foods we eat, but to get a higher, more efficacious “dosage”, the best approach is by way of daily supplementation. Used as directed, creatine is proven to be safe and highly effective.

To maximise creatine’s lean muscle building effects, consume extra water every day and increase your daily protein intake by way of a high quality pure protein supplement such as SSN's 100 % Whey Protein.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Rounded Teaspoon
Servings Per Container: Approx. 91

  Amount per Serving% DV*
Pharmaceutical Grade Micronised Creatine Monohydrate5g 

* Percent Daily Values not established.


• Prepare one serving by mixing one rounded teaspoon (5 g) with at least 300ml of a suitable carbohydrate sports drink or grape juice.

• For loading, take two to four servings daily, for 5 consecutive days. Take one of these servings immediately after training and the others evenly spaced during the day.

• For maintenance, take one to two servings (5-10 g) daily, the most important serving being immediately post training, ideally mixed with a carbohydrate/protein shake.

• Each serving should be followed by at least 250 ml (1 glass) of water. For best results, a minimum of 10 glasses of water should be consumed daily whilst supplementing with creatine.

Seek advice from a health care professional before use if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.
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Customer Reviews
Review by GT (24 July 2019)
effective but I go bloated and had to reduce dosage ...it works
great product n reasonable price :)
Review by Ryan  (5 April 2017)
Gives u lot of strength and stamina..
nice supplement, i recommend it
Review by bra tubu (3 January 2016)
cheap but effective
its ok
Review by nitzz (10 June 2015)
Doesn't give you what you want but gives you gains
awesome product
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
solid gains as always with monohydrate and the ssn brand is quality
SSN Powerful Creatine
Review by Dewald (29 November 2013)
Really Great Creatine
a solid product
Review by wian (4 November 2013)
It's mix-ability may not be that great but the results speak for themselves.
Ssn is great
Review by Crea (8 October 2013)
This is a great product and helped me a lot realy
Works Okay
Review by Willie (25 September 2013)
This product is OK I guess. Didn't really do anything except gives you water retention and then you have a pump for a while. Ok for some people I guess. I would rather use a decent pre workout and post workout before I use this.
Review by Riaan (29 July 2013)
Great product. Good price,and it works for me.
Waste of time
Review by Mr. G (4 June 2013)
Saw no gains at all, just fuller muscles for a while (most due to water retention). You want gains, use SSN Crea-mass!
Review by Shanzo (8 April 2013)
Had a bit of gastrointestinal side effects the first week, but otherwise a good clean creatine monohydrate.
Review by Chuck (13 March 2013)
Great product, I'm a hard gainer and this really aided my intense training program to gain muscle. Tastes like granpa powder though so I mix it with a protein shake. I'll be ordering it often because the price is decent.
Review by Jason (5 March 2013)
Great Product, Great Price, Great Results, highly recommended...
Review by Brenton (10 February 2013)
Its a good clean creatine it good for people that start working out, i did experience a little bloating and trouble mixing it; its easier to mix cement than this; and it has no taste.
Review by Alla (30 December 2012)
Taste? what taste? Besides that, this is a creatine that I have tested among others. This is the only one that I have bought for a second time and more. A definite winner when it comes to results!
Very effective
Review by Dimitri (25 October 2012)
Just like all creatines, ssn creatine mono proves its point as to being one of the most important supplements to take. Good stuff
Works Fine
Review by Rudolf (2 October 2012)
Never been to bothered with creatine, but started using this product while cutting! It helped with strength and haven't lost that much muscle like my previous cutting cycle. Good product and I will keep on using it!
Awsum Pump And Results
Review by Daryl (20 July 2012)
Really the best creatine mono out there, getting really good results with it and it does not keep to much water in the muscles, recommend it !!
My Favourite Creatine
Review by Greg (20 May 2012)
Great product that I will continue to use for as long as it's on the market. I've tried many other brands and this is by far my favourite.
Works well
Review by Roland (1 April 2012)
Stop saying it tastes great HAHA but it works and remember if you are on and off, off period being longer than two weeks you have to restart the loading phase !
Quality and price
Review by Johan (19 January 2012)
When you look for creatine monohydrate you would think you just look for price because its all the same thing but it must be mentioned that there is allot of people selling this product out there and you dont really know the quality of it, remember creatine must pass through your kidneys. With Ssn i know what quality im getting and its still very good value for money ,if you see all the servings you get out one pack.
Good quality product
Review by Brad (20 November 2011)
Good quality product. I achieved pretty good gains. I did find my muscles started to get soft though. So take longer periods off this product. I think 6 weeks on and 4 weeks off should do it. Tastes alright in your post- workout shake. Tastes bad when mixed with energy drinks though. Good price as well.
Review by Joe (15 November 2011)
Love the product, can definitely see the results.
Top recommendation!
Worth the while
Review by Essie (10 November 2011)
Crea-Mono is Crea-Mono, irrespective of which brand you use. However, the value for money aspect is a very important aspect and on SSN's products, it is usually the one which tilts me in their direction when purchasing. This creatine, like most monohydrated creatines, delivers a nice full and pumped feeling to the muscles and assists with making some decent lean gains when used in collaboration with the correct diet, training and rest.

I would advise anyone who is looking to add some mass to their skeleton to seriously consider adding this product to their stack.
thumbs up 4 this stuff
Review by Adriaan (15 October 2011)
gr8 stuff u will see gr8 results even better results wen u stack it with Whey and Anabolic builder and u will see the results
Review by Dewet (30 September 2011)
All creatine monohydryes are the same but i prefer ssn
Review by Ben (9 June 2011)
SSN's Creatine Monohydrate really works and helps you to gain some lean hard mass. I'm indifferent about the taste, you cant taste it if you mix it with your whey.
Not bad
Review by Thys (6 June 2011)
Not bad, cant complain about it.
Review by Douglas (19 April 2011)
This is a great supplement for the hard gainer.it gives a lot of volume to the muscles and provides you with extra energy while you train.i picked up 4 kgs in a course of 8 weeks thanx to ssn's creatine monohydrate.if it works for me, im sure it will work for you.
loving the mass
Review by Rudie (7 December 2010)
u get gr8 mass from this product and i recommend it to all who wants to put on good mass with a lean wallet
Review by Darin (6 September 2010)
This is a basic you gonna need if hoping to put on muscle and increase strength
worth it
Review by Alon (31 August 2010)
ssn in general is great value for money and even better results for money! mono is a great product for gaining some size to your frame. 6/10
top stuff
Review by BRAAM (13 August 2010)
monohydrate creatine is monohydrate creatine, from one brand to the another its all the same core product but i prefer SSN for the reason that i combo it with some of their other products such as whey & BCAA's. And i like the powder above creatine caps, think it gets absorbed more quickly...
hard muscles
Review by Bradly (14 June 2010)
i have found that my growth is more steady and my muscles feel really pumped and solid. I definitely recommend this if you want to stack.
Review by Pierre (10 May 2010)
This monohydrate is good i can definitly see results really does give you an awesome pump and the value for money is amazing definitly will buy this again
Review by Reinhard (3 May 2010)
it is affordable and I have seen results
SSN is a great choice on any of their products!
Review by Wess (25 April 2010)
Monohydrate is monohydrate, right? But genuinely I trust SSN... having worked for the owners previous company, I can assure there is a no compromise policy for SSN!!
Plus it is at a really affordable price!