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Supplements SA Whey Protein Concentrate

Supplements SA Whey Protein Concentrate

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Supplements SA Whey Protein Concentrate is an unflavoured whey protein shake.

Dairy Based Protein

The protein source is from cow’s milk which makes it ideal for non-meat eaters to increase their daily protein intake.

Protein is converted into amino acids which are important for maintaining various healthy functions within your body. A serving can be added to your smoothie to boost the protein content.

Maintain Lean Muscle

Amino acids also assist with building or maintaining lean muscle. As we age the amount of lean muscle decreases, therefore it is important to do some form of weight training and have adequate levels of quality protein.

To help with the muscle building process have a serving directly after your weight training session.

Unflavoured and Unsweetened

This whey shake contains no artificial flavours or sweeteners. It only contains raw whey protein concentrate which can be flavoured using cinnamon, vanilla extract, cocoa powder or instant coffee.

Quality American Whey

At the time of this review the whey used in this shake is produced in America by one of the largest cheese companies. Click here to see the full whey specification sheet from the manufacturer.

Use For Baking

Being unflavoured and unsweetened makes this a versatile product.

Not only can you use in a shake after your exercise but it is perfect for making your own fitness muffins, protein bars or cookies.


Supplements SA Whey Protein Concentrate is available in a zip-lock bag without a scoop. We asked the manufacturers to make this product as economical as possible to offer an affordable, quality protein shake.

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 30 g (1½ scoop)
Servings per Container: 67 (2kg)
Amount Per Serving %NRV
Calories from Fat 21.6*
Total Fat 2.4 g*
Saturated Fat 1.5 g*
Trans Fat <0.1 g*
Cholesterol60 mg *
Sodium42 mg *
Potassium135 mg *
Total Carbohydrate1.7 g *
Dietary Fibre 0 g *
Sugars1.7 g *
Protein23.4 g *
Pottasium170 mg *
Vitamin A 75 IU *
Vitamin C <1 mg *
Vitamin D <6 IU *
Iron0.9 g *
Calcium225 mg *
108 mg *
Magnesium21 mg *
1.4 g *
Ash1.2 g *
Alanine4.9 g  
Arginine2.1 g  
Aspartic Acid 10.8 g  
Cysteine2.3 g  
Glutamic Acid 16.7 g  
Glycine1.8 g  
Histidine*2.2 g  
Isoleucine *++ 5.8 g  
Leucine*++10.8 g  
Lysine9.6 g  
Methionine*1.9 g  
Phenyalanine*3.3 g  
Proline5.8 g  
Serine4.7 g  
Threonine7.2 g  
Trytophan*2.1 g  
Tyrosine1.8 g  
Valine*++5.8 g  
* Essential Amino Acid
++ Branch Chain Amino Acid

80% Whey Protein Concentrate.

Allergen Information: Contains Whey and is produced in a facility that also processes Casein and Egg.

Recommended products to use with this item

• Add 1 scoop to approximately 250ml of water or milk.

• The whey protein can be stirred with a spoon or mixed in a shaker.

• Add a serving to a smoothie and drink as needed for increased protein intake.

• For a fitness lifestyle have a serving after your workout.

• For improved muscle tone follow a weight training program 3 – 4 times per week.

Customer Reviews
Excellent value for money
Review by JP (3 October 2018)
Perfect unflavoured whey concentrate. I'm very happy with it. I especially love how easily it mixes and doesn't clump together like other products I've used. Very happy with the price as well. Will continue to buy this. Pity there is no scoop with it but I still can't complain about this product. Seeing great results.
Great product, no added crap
Review by J (20 November 2017)
Great product. For taste add cacao or something else to taste.
Delivery from supplementworld was on time and professional.

Will order this product from them again!
Value for money
Review by sands (1 August 2017)
I have been using this product for several months, and will continue to do so. No artificial sweetners, no colourants, mixes well with orange juice or a spoon of honey (natural sugars). On its own the taste is like LOW FAT MILK (delicious). Introduced a few clients to this product.
Finally found what I am looking for
Review by KC (10 January 2017)
I have been looking for a pure whey protein without all the added junk like aspartame , sodium cyclamate , acesulfame K or saccharine which makes me feel terrible. I was most excited when I stumbled across this website. I placed my order and got whey 2 days later. The taste , bearing in mind there are no sweeteners is very palatable and the whey dissolves easily in water .... what more can I say , great product , great service ... I am sold on it.
Solid quality at reasonable price
Review by Georg (16 September 2016)
I bought this when it was at the best bang for bang R/Kg rate, No complaints on the quality, it dissolves well, taste is great.
Worst tasting unflavoured
Review by keith (11 January 2016)
The unflavored whey concentrate is the worst I've tasted. It is somehow sweet with a salty aftertaste.
Review by Kim (9 November 2015)
Been looking for quite a while for an unflavoured Whey shake without sweeteners. Dischem used to stock something similar but discontinued it. Glad I found Supplement World. This really has no taste, just the raw ingredient.
Review by Scientist (16 September 2015)
For all those that are concerned about the quality of whey shakes out there, well this is the top IMO. It is JUST the whey concentrate ingredient, NOTHING else. No hiding behind flavours, fillers, etc. Pure whey. Love it!
Great Value
Review by Lawrence (2 September 2015)
This is the best whey on the market. Nothing added, no bulking agents, just straight up whey. I love the pure whey which I can add to everything!
Horrible taste!
Review by Afrit (31 July 2015)
I know it said unflavoured but seriously does it have to be that bad! Taste so bad I had to buy nesquick to put into it. Be very careful.
Love it
Review by Vanessa (7 July 2015)
Unflavoured, unsweetened plain whey for my smoothies. Just what I have been looking for!
Review by Jaco (24 June 2015)
Surprisingly great taste. If you've ever tried powdered milk, this taste quite similar. So nice that it doesn't have any sweeteners added. Last bit doesn't always dissolve so perfectly though. All in all my favorite Whey. A little expensive considering it has no added BCAA's etc.
read the label
Review by Philip (18 June 2015)
This is good product, if you read the label you will see this is especially for those who dont like the very sweet stuff and for making your own smoothies or shakes with other products. How can you say bad taste, thats what it say Unflavoured meaning it will taste bad, maybe read before you buy it Zu or get the 2.5lkg flavoured one
Not for lactose intolerant
Review by Nadine (11 June 2015)
I like the taste, it's not bad, pretty neutral. Simple and effective product apart from the bloating and indigestion I've associated with this.
Awesome product
Review by Mandz (26 May 2015)
Just love the 'naturalness' of this product!! If you want a chocolate milkshake, DON'T buy this. If you don't want artificial sweeteners or flavours .... magicness :-)
good protein source
Review by Barend (20 May 2015)
I just wanted a plain protein shake. Like things to be simple without flavours, sugars,etc. This is perfect! Use in smoothies (fruit and veg) and after training. A little coffee adds a nice flavour. Just make sure that you have a spare tub .... only the bag and no scoop.
Overall best value for money
Review by Pierre (1 April 2015)
The taste isn't great. It does however make up with price, seeing as there's no container, they save you a lot of money. The effectiveness is everything you want and need from a good whey concentrate. Great product overall.
Review by Cindy (28 March 2015)
Just plain whey protein that I can use for my bars and shakes. I don't tolerate sweeteners well and sugar is a no no. Price is great. Fantastic product. Beware: it is basic. no tub and no scoop. Have a spare container and scoop on hand.
bad taste
Review by Zu (18 March 2015)
taste is horrible. price is cheap but will look at another product with better flavour.
Happy days
Review by Les (27 February 2015)
Needed to increase my protein. Was recommended to use a whey protein but to be honest I just cannot stomach the taste of most. The the staff at SW suggested this and I love it. I drink it on its own which I like otherwise mix it in my smoothies. Just had to find a container to pour the bag in, but no biggie. Happy Gal :-)
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