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Supplements SA Super Whey

Supplements SA Super Whey

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Supplements SA Super Whey is a cost effective whey shake for lean gains and increased protein intake.

Start Building Muscle

To begin your fitness journey you need to follow a weight training program. Lifting weights stimulates your muscles to start growing.

Protein feeds your muscles that have been stimulated, which is why athletes focus on the amount of protein they eat and drink.

Increase Protein Consumption

Can also be used if you are looking at increasing your protein from none meat sources. This protein comes from dairy.

This protein shake gives you 24 grams of quality blended whey which you drink after your training to support the muscle building process.

Saving You Money

Honestly this is not the most attractive product on the market with its see through bag and simple label. The result is a massive cost saving to you. No expensive tub, glossy foil label or scoop. Yes, there is no scoop!

How Much Are You Saving?

Each 2.5kg bag will give you approximately 83 servings. At the time of this review each serving is R6.11. Our next cheapest whey product is R6.39. The average market price for local products is about R7.90 – R10.

Reduced Packaging

The contents are identical to Supplements SA Pure Whey but without the tub. Doing your bit for the environment there is no tub or scoop to throw away with a bag taking up much less disposal space.

Best Seller

Supplements SA Super Whey is one of our best selling products due to the value it gives our customers. Look past the plain packaging for a quality product that will save you money.

Most Recent of 60 Reviews
Very Happy
Review by Marty (30 September 2016)
I've been ordering this Protein for a while now and it works great, I have been seeing great results and i have no complaints about the taste. Prive is TOP MARKS of course for the product.
Tastes awesome
Review by diablonuva (20 September 2016)
I tried the flavorless one, it was okay after a while.... then i decided to try this one, OMG, its delicious and mixes very well. Its my first 2.5 of this product so i cant speak of results yet. I will post again in a few months after a few more shakes.
Great product
Review by Hills (9 May 2016)
Great quality product.
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Nutritional Information
Flavour: Strawberry
Serving Size: 30g (1 Heaped Scoop)
Servings per Container: 83 (2.5kg)
 Amount Per Serving *%NRV
Calories from Fat 9 
Total Fat 1 g 5%
of which saturated fat 0.5 g  
of which trans fat 0 g  
Total Sodium 50 mg 2%
Total Carbohydrates 3 g 1%
Dietary Fibre 0 g  
Sugars1 g  
Protein25 g  
*NRV - Nutrient Reference Values for individuals older than 4 years.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa, Chcolate Flavouring, Sucralose.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Strawberry Flavouring, Sucralose.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla Flavouring, Sucralose.

Allergen Information: Contains Whey and is produced in a facility that processes Casein and Egg.

Supplements SA Super Whey
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
How To Use It

One serving is 2 heaped tablespoons.


Best taken after training for the benefits of the quick release protein.

Also ideal taken first thing in the morning to combat overnight muscle tissue loss.

More Info

Add to milk, fruit juice or water depending on protein requirements.

More Customer Reviews
Taste is bad
Review by Miss C (23 March 2016)
The Pure Whey range from Sups SA tastes amazing, but the super whey tastes like chemicals and artificial ingredients. I bought it as I'm used to the amazing flavour of sups sa but I'm very disappointed
Review by veritaz  (5 January 2016)
Not impressed with the taste. Bought a kg of vanilla today, Tastes like chemical, vanilla almost none existing.
Great stuff
Review by TJ 789 (9 November 2015)
My fav whey on the market.

Great taste! Great price! Great quality!

Must order chocolate flavour!
Great Value
Review by Marius66 (3 November 2015)
First off I'm a student, the taste wasn't too bad at all compared to other SA brands, it really worked well with regards to building lean muscle for the price I'd say it's great considering I payed the same for less quality and quantity in other brands before.
Good Product
Review by Pluxson (20 October 2015)
The product is just awesome! Taste is great especially with milk
Bad taste
Review by Powerhouse (13 October 2015)
Not the best tasting protein I had!!!!!
Changed Recipe
Review by Brad (16 September 2015)
Ive been using this product for over 2 years and have always been impressed by its effectiveness and amazing taste, which has made it versatile other than drinking it as a shake.

My latest order has got a totally different taste and smell to usual. It makes me question if you are using fillers and other ingredients.
It a great stuff as always so am impressed
Review by Super strong (25 August 2015)
Very good stuff
Okay for now
Review by Rosie (12 May 2015)
The price is great but the vanilla flavour is just too sweet. Could you consider selling one that has absolutely no flavour in it? The smell gets to me as well because its too strong. I am losing muscle so far so i'm not sure what to make of this?
Good Stuff
Review by coma (7 May 2015)
Good product but it smells pretty bad (even before you open it) and is waaaaaaay to sweet. Like seriously almost unbearably sweet.

To avoid the above I recommend storing it in an air tight container (for the smell which permeates everywhere) and mixing with a large volume of liquid (to reduce sweetness).
Good product but far too expensive
Review by Ross (2 May 2015)
The product is good, I did notice results, however, the price has also pretty much doubled since I last ordered about 2 months ago!! If the provider had kept at the normal price or 300.00, I would have given a 4/5 for the product. With this huge increase, though, it's not good value for money. You can get alternative whey protein at half the price.
Review by Gresh (2 May 2015)
Using it for 3 days now post workout . Very strong dairy smell and sweet....Vanilla flavour. Also seems to be causing bloating and cramps typical of lactose ...Concerned over the ingredients at this price ...have mailed manf. no response yet.
Are they using skim milk powder ?
Excelent but too sweet
Review by Phil (23 April 2015)
Just got my second bag this is good quality for the price but please guys make it less sweet, i get sweetness down by adding futurelife high protein, good combo then. Please just make it less sweet
Tit for Tat
Review by StaindSilva (5 February 2015)
Price is good for the quantity and quality you get, would have been superb if it had vitamins bcaa's etc in it as well. If you have a sweet tooth you'll love it. Very very sweet though for my taste(with milk or water).
Worth it
Review by Shayne (22 November 2014)
This product has given me great results . Combined with Supplements SA super Mass and Beta Ecdysterone . Potent.Seen huge changes.
Review by Daryl (1 November 2014)
Most people don't really know what they're buying. This is a high quality protein that will assist in building good lean mass as part of a balanced diet. Add to this the fact that it is reasonably priced, and you have a great product.
Review by thaakir (9 October 2014)
cant wait to try this product
Awesome product !!!
Review by Razor (23 May 2014)
Very good value for money with the most servings per container, but the taste is waaaay to sweet.
Excellent product!
Review by Ashveer (9 April 2014)
Absolutely fantastic, seen good results. Has an excellent nutritional profile, with only 3g carbs and 24, 5g protein. Taste is surprisingly pleasant (chocolate) - doesn't have that nauseating overly sweet taste that most chocolate protein shakes have. Will be the ONLY whey that I use from now on
Meets all requirements
Review by Josh (3 April 2014)
Vanilla tastes amazing.
The price is the BEST out there.
And it's protein.

Loyal customer.
Priced to go
Review by subhaan (11 January 2014)
After many years, this is STILL the best prices whey protein. And, the quality has remained the same. Customer for life
Very good
Review by Ice (5 November 2013)
Whey is whey, this is a good product with a good price. For the life of me I can not understand why anyone would complain about it being to sweet. Just add more water! Is it that difficult??
Good product
Review by Leanrip (29 October 2013)
Had fantastic results with this whey and according to the 3 shake method it beats most local products. As a martial arts instructor i recommend this to all my fighters wanting to stay lean and replenished
Best value for money
Review by Rinus (19 October 2013)
This is definitely the best value for money regarding protein powders. One serving is cheaper than a can of coke... Taste better than most too.
Great Value
Review by Andy (14 August 2013)
Although there might be better quality whey products out there, at this price range for this quantity it's an absolute winner. It tastes great, mixes well with milk or water. Doesn't clump. And no nasty bowel surprises.

Will use it again in future.
Good value for money
Review by Andre (3 June 2013)
I've been using it for about a month now, it's cheap and it works really good and tastes great.
Well done
Review by Dian (28 May 2013)
All around a good product, just tastes a bit sweet.
Review by Elton (12 February 2013)
couldn't stomach this without mixing it with my mass builder to tone down the sweet taste
Very Sweet - if they can tone down on that - this would be my preferred product
Review by Gary Geddis  (14 January 2013)
1. Good product a good price - that they have well achieved
2. It has a strong Odor even through the packaging (We keep it in sealed containers)
2. Very, very sweet,. (Would be great if an explanation could be given to why it needs to be as sweet as it is. (Maybe its to stop craving for sweet things)
Good but sweet
Review by Stanislav (12 December 2012)
Got tempted by the price and purchased the chocolate flavour, mixes easy just in the shaker, but taste is very sweet, which makes you worried about the carb content, but doing my bulk so not really stressing about it.
Will go back to SSN after this pack is finished.
Allright local product
Review by KnikKnax (30 October 2012)
Mixes well with water or oats, tastes good on it's own, affordable price and it is a local product. As far as concentrated whey go, it's a good product. No complaints here!
Good Results
Review by Riaan (19 October 2012)
The quality of the protein always lies in the 3shake method. When mixed with water, protein should dissolve without clotting which this product does. Had great results and as a trainer a recommend this product to all my clients looking to gain lean hard muscle. Proudly SA
Perfect Whey
Review by Francois (18 October 2012)
Awesome price, great taste(sweet tooth), great results. #enoughsaid
Average whey
Review by Leigh (26 June 2012)
Don't like the taste at all, too sweet. Chocolate being the worst. If anything go for vanilla.
An average whey in my eyes.
Its relatively inexpensive
Good value for money
Review by Omar (31 May 2012)
It works as well as the other powders I've tried and considering how cheap it is it's really great value for money. I tried the chocolate and vanilla flavours; chocolate taste's ok, the vanilla tastes really good. Only thing is it's quite sweet
Great Product
Review by Morgan (6 May 2012)
I've been using this since I started gyming in August last year and it's given me fantastic results. In 8 months I've gone from having very little to no lean muscle to being pretty defined and ripped.Used in conjunction with some other supplements this stuff really works well,tastes good and it lasts for 5 months! VERY good!
Great stuff
Review by Jason (16 April 2012)
Definitely worth trying - made some nice progress on this and it is very reasonably priced.
If I had to mention any downsides, it's just a bit sweet (and I have a MAJOR sweet tooth!), and could do with toning it down a bit. And maybe they could use stevia for the sweetness instead.
But I'm really nit-picking on what is otherwise an excellent product!
Great Product
Review by Dale (2 March 2012)
Used this product for 3 months, really good value for money, lasts long, easy to mix and kept my lean muscle weight (also cut a bit) even though training twice a day, took shake 3 times a day.
Absolutely awesome
Review by Joe (16 December 2011)
Have been using this for a while now and I have noticed some awesome gains and an improvement in physique. Great value for money, will definitely order some more and I highly recommend it!
Like it
Review by Jaco (27 November 2011)
Had all the flavours and love them all. Its just a bit on the sweet side which makes me wonder about the carb content
Best bang for Buck?
Review by subhaan (7 November 2011)
This could be the best bang for buck Whey around at the moment. It tastes great-very similar to SSN Whey, mixes well with just a shaker too.
Great product, great price
Review by trublu (28 October 2011)
You really cant ask for more in a protein shake. Extremely good value for money and with a decent amount of effort works like a charm. definitely gonna get some more.
Good value
Review by Charlton (8 October 2011)
Good value and great quality
Bang for your buck.
Review by Vishad (6 October 2011)
The good: Competitive price, great taste (tried all flavours), no artificial sweeteners (uses fructose), easy to mix (finer granules than some other brands), 80% protein (satisfactory % in a whey powder). The bad: Comes in a packet rather than tub/container (not such a bad thing though).
not bad for local product
Review by julz (26 September 2011)
this is a great tasting product and its at a great price not to mention its almost as good as any overseas product
Great Value
Review by Andre (21 September 2011)
More than happy with this product. Tastes great!

Seems to be working for me as I've changed from other brands to SA Super Whey and made gains.
Great buy
Review by mno (21 July 2011)
Best value for money. Only thing is its a bit sweet but just mix it with a bit of unflavoured whey and it will be perfect
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