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Supplements SA Intensity Booster (Caffeine Caps)
Supplements SA Intensity Booster (Caffeine Caps) Supplements SA Intensity Booster (Caffeine Caps) Supplements SA Intensity Booster (Caffeine Caps)

Supplements SA Intensity Booster (Caffeine Caps)

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Peer reviewed university research studies prove that caffeine mobilizes fat stores and encourages working muscles to use fat as a fuel. This delays the depletion of muscle glycogen and allows for a prolongation of exercise. In addition caffeine significantly lowers the rate of perceived exertion (RPE). 12 of 15 studies that compared caffeinated beverages with a control found no statistical difference in core body temperature, sweat ratios or hydration status. An additional benefit for the athlete is that caffeine found in Supplements SA Intensity Booster increases alertness and decreases reaction time.

Most Recent of 20 Reviews
Review by Juan (6 February 2017)
Great product. 1 capsule for breakfast improved energy and concentration immensely. Workouts last longer and get more done in a workout. No buzz just awake and alert.

2 tablets caused energy crash mid afternoon and a really crappy headache.
Review by Blooper (27 March 2014)
First of this was my first order from this website. Very Speedy service!!!
Secondly.. Being in IT I drink a lot of coffee. I though this was not going to give me such a kick.. Well.. needless to say.. AFTER my workout I ended up cleaning the kitchen, repacking two supply closets and playing with the dog for about an hour! Be warned!! Dun dun dun.... I use this whenever I'm tried or "don't feel like gym"
Value for Money
Review by Jethro (3 March 2014)
Most cost-effective source of caffeine I can find. Not only good for physical activities, but does well for tired days working in front of a computer.
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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings per Container: 90
Amount Per Serving
Caffeine Anhydrous

Supplements SA Intensity Booster (Caffeine Caps)
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
How To Use It


• One to two capsules before or during training/event.

• Plasma caffeine concentration peaks at about 45-60 minutes.

• Dosage dependent on bodyweight and caffeine tolerance levels.

• Consider abstaining from caffeine 3-4 days before an important event (unless affected by withdrawl symptoms). This allows tolerance to caffeine to decrease and ensures maximum ergogenic effect.

• If you are concerned about your hydration status (see PRODUCT INFORMATION) use caffeine caps only during an event and not before.

Fat Burning:

• One or two capsules before breakfast, lunch and training.


Do not use if you are pregnant of nursing, or if you are at risk of being treated for heart disease or high blood pressure. Should not be used in conjunction with any prescription medication, including MAO inhibitors, stimulants or antidepressants.

More Customer Reviews
Good preworkout
Review by subhaan (11 January 2014)
After a long day at the office, one of these capsules 45min before training is a good kick in the pants that will get you to the gym.
Cheap and Effective
Review by Abdul (3 January 2014)
Caffeine has always been a good natural source of energy, i would use this product again at any time
Awesome value
Review by Tejan (9 October 2013)
I'm convinced that the ingredient in pre-workout drinks that gives you the biggest buzz an focus is caffeine. Why pay for all that other junk additives an sugars in those drinks when yu can get these? Works out to < 1 rand a cap for 200mg of caffeine - compare that to 80mg in a redbull costing 20x as much!! Gives superb focus - but having never built up a tolerance, an not taking it daily, just 1 pill can be too much sometimes - overbuzzing, an even though i train at 6pm, have to take it btw 2- 3pm an still even then I can't pass out before 12am! Actually works out great having to take it at that time cos that's usually the graveyard shift at work.. I'm 72kg, training kickboxing/MMA
good energy booster
Review by christian (20 September 2013)
Good energy booster and helps you focus whilst working out. It works great when doing cardio. I drink 1 30min before I go out for a jog. It makes me concentrate on jogging that extra bit longer. Only problem is that if you workout harder than usual when drinking caffeine caps you are tired afterwards, then just drink 1 again and you're as good as new! Good job supplements sa!!!
Review by T-BaG (22 April 2013)
Tried this as a pre-workout, took 2 caps like 40 mins before workout, had a bit of an energy boost but didn't last through the workout. Im 95kgs so i tried 3 caps the next time........ didnt increase energy that much. Felt like absolute Death afterwards! Biggest crash ever! DO NOT take more than 2 caps unless you want to feel really siff (headache, shaking, chills, irregular breathing and heart beat) but other than that its pretty good value for money :)
good product
Review by chris (8 September 2012)
There is no taste or reflux, the caffeine helps burn energy and raise core body temperature when doing cardio days, therefore burning more fat. Good product if used appropriately.
Effective Caffeine
Review by Modern10 (24 July 2012)
Initially this product grabbed my eye because of the price. I took a dose yesterday morning before my workout. I felt super focused and energised. The effect lasted well into my work day. There's no massive crash. It wore off completely after lunchtime

For the price its a steal.
Cheap + Effective. A++
Review by Jonathan (12 June 2012)
This is one of the cheapest caffeine supplements I have come across, and works well for pre-workout especially when stacked with B-Alanine. My only advice is that you take it as a cap. I tried emptying the contents of the cap into my B-Alanine mix once, but it made the mix very bitter. Other than that it is an excellent product.
Energy boost
Review by subhaan (21 May 2012)
Very good price for what you get, great energy boost that's friendly on your pocket
I dont use this for workouts
Review by Dehsen (6 March 2012)
i actually use this before i go to work to keep my energy levels high because i cant be naughty and take muscletechs neurocore when im at work : )
Review by Cherize (27 February 2012)
works like a charm! highly reccomended!!
good energy, well priced
Review by chris (1 January 2012)
i have used the product once, it did not kick in immediately, a short while into my workout i felt a sudden surge of energy that sustained my workout and it also increased my performance
Core energy
Review by the_stig (13 October 2011)
This is the core of all pre-workout supplements. To get that needed energy and mental focus in the gym. I took 1 to 2 capsule and it gave me an energy rush.
Very cost effective.
Pure and Simple
Review by SpiceInc (5 September 2011)
I got this last week and I have to say, minutes after taking it my energy levels were explosive. I thought it was a fluke so I gave it to 2 friends, both managed to lift at least 10% more than they usually do. For the first time my bench press increased to 135 Kg, this works1
Review by Jonathan (30 September 2010)
My friend uses this and I tried it once and I felt really energetic. He takes one in the morning and one just before he goes to the gym to get the best results
Good ol' caffeine
Review by Justin (13 July 2010)
What can be said about this product...its like a charm. cheap, extremely effective...should not be used by individuals that are even slightly sensitive to stimulants, and don't overdose...not a great feeling to OD on caffeine. Super energy and focus
Old School Style
Review by Mark (26 April 2010)
Forget all the mixed products. Take pure caffeine and feel the difference. Use a dose of 5mg per kg bodyweight and you should be rocking! Just note that each capsule contains 200mg.

Cheap and effective, you can't go wrong!
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